Rattlesnake Trail, Orange Park Acres

Getting to Rattlesnake Trail
I usually take Meads Ave. (East) from Orange Park Blvd. to Randall St. (East) which ends at the North entrance to the trail.  You can also get there from Amapola Ave. which will bring you in at the South entrance to the trail.  If you want to cut through Rattlesnake from one of the parks, you can also enter from the trail along Santiago Canyon Rd. which will dump you at about the halfway point of the trail. Though it means you have to go down a narrow, somewhat steep trail.

Rattlesnake Trail is another one of the local trails in Orange Park Acres.  It’s a great trail to do when you are short on time, or you’re just introducing a new horse to trail riding, it’s enough to keep them interested, but not too far that if you have to get off and walk a bit, it doesn’t totally suck.  I actually would walk this trail with my mare Bee when she was recovering from a bout of lameness (as seen in the featured picture).

Rattlesnake, despite the intimidating name is a tame trail, it just has a lot of zigzagging, making it appear snakelike from above I’m sure.   There are a few ups and downs, but none are really steep or sloped for long periods of time.  Despite being short, it can be a scenic and pleasant ride.  I’ve been using this trail as an intro trail for Kitty while she gets used to going out alone (she’s great with other horses, not so much by herself, turns out someone is a little buddy sour).

Rattlesnake is also the only trail I have seen a bobcat and the place I’ve seen the most coyotes despite being in the local neighborhood.  Not to fear though, most coyotes do not approach when you’re with horses, and will tend to keep their distance.

I would definitely recommend Rattlesnake if you’re staying local, its probably my favorite within OPA.


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  1. Kimberly M. says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. I just moved to the OPA area, and am not very familiar with the local trails. This has been a great in helping me discover new paths to take.


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