Roller Coaster Trail, Orange Park Acres

Roller Coaster Trail in Orange Park Acres is a small section of the trail system in the community but it can be a tough one. As the name suggests, this trail consists of two large (and steep) successive hills, that if viewed from the side would look like a roller coaster. The pictures are a little deceiving as the hills are actually quite steep and taller than they appear. I prefer riding from east to west for this trail, approaching from the trails along Santiago Canyon Rd. It starts here at Road Kill Trail. You can also approach from Coyote Watch Trail.

It tends to be somewhat rough terrain, not super well maintained compared with the rest of OPA, so you should be wary of deep cracks and crevices from water damage and erosion when riding this trail. Obviously most horses prefer a nice run up the hills, but down hill portions should definitely be taken slowly. Though this may be difficult for the more excitable horses.

While not as large as Cardiac into Irvine Park, it can be intimidating for new riders. I recommend it for intermediate and up and for horses that won’t trip too much or run through your hands on the down slopes.

I’ve included photos from each side of the hills from the bottom as well as views from the top each direction depending on which direction you choose to travel.


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