Springtime in Irvine Regional

I went to Irvine Regional Park a few weeks ago since the rain has subsided long enough for the trails to open back up.  While I was disappointed that there was still no river I was incredibly surprised to discover a new “lake” had formed at the end of the park coming over from Santiago Oaks.  It was huge! It had flooded so much it reached and washed over many of the trails that are typically not trails that would even be next to the water much less under it.  I fully planned on riding Bee across the water and onto some of the trails more centered in the park to get a better scope of how much water there actually was, but… upon discovering that the first few feet of the water’s edges were swarming with tadpoles(!) I decided I would avoid intruding on their space and possibly doing some serious damage to the little guys and stuck to the trails not under water. (Plus, you know, the whole maintaining the trails themselves by not riding through them while they’re soaked is probably the right thing to do as well *eye roll *). Enjoy some of my more recent pictures of the park, I will try to get back out there soon to see how the water is looking and check in on the tadpoles’ progress!


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